Welcome to Choose A Foundation! Here you can learn about the popular non-profit foundations that host many of the open source projects you use - or contribute to.

Why are Foundations important?

Keeping a community-led project healthy and sustainable for the long term is a lot of work, often unpaid. Read our Help Guide and FOSS Explainer for how Foundations might be able to help your project.

Do you work in an open source project?

Are you looking to grow your project responsibly, and find new contributors, sponsors, and users? Wondering how to get more support for your project, but not sure how? See if joining a popular FOSS Foundation is for your project!

Are you a FOSS Foundation officer?

Please help update your listing! The foundation listings here are meant to be a quick and non-judgemental way for new open source projects to get a feel for the hosting organizations out there today. See how you can contribute and update your foundation’s page.

FOSS Foundations listed here

We list the most popular non-profit foundations that host projects and regularly accept applications for new projects to join them. That currently includes: