Overview Brand

Website: https://www.ow2.org/

Legal Name: OW2 Consortium

Location: Paris

Nonprofit Status: yes

Software Hosted: various

Licenses Used: various

IP/Copyright Policy: https://www.ow2.org/bin/download/Membership_Joining/Legal_Resources/OW2TrademarksandLogoPolicyv2.2.pdf

Primary Brand: OW2

Brand Registered?: yes

Logo Registered?: no

Trademark Policy: https://www.ow2.org/bin/download/Membership_Joining/Legal_Resources/OW2TrademarksandLogoPolicyv2.2.pdf

Governance Finance

Board Size: 9

Board Type: elected

Board Listing: https://www.ow2.org/bin/view/About/OW2_Governance

Description of Membership:

Bylaws Link: https://www.ow2.org/bin/view/Membership_Joining/Legal_Resources

Number of Paid Employees: 8

Funding Sources: Membership dues and Collaborative projects

Approximate Budget: 700k

Budget Listing: https://www.ow2.org/bin/view/Membership_Joining/Legal_Resources

Sponsor Listing: https://www.ow2.org/bin/view/Membership_Joining/Consortium_Members

Project Hosting

Accepting New Projects?: yes

Projects Hosted: 61

Project Governance: https://www.ow2.org/bin/view/About/OW2_Governance

Major Projects Hosted: ASM, BonitaSoft, FusionDirectory, GLPI, Knowage, LemonLDAP Proactive, RocketChat, Sat4J, XWiki

Project Listing: https://projects.ow2.org/

Project Services : OW2 provides three types of services to its projects. First, OW2 operates a technical infrastructure by delivering tools and collaborative services to project teams. Second, OW2 provides community services by setting up the decision making process and organizing activities. Third, OW2 provides marketing services by showcasing projects through its marketplace, industry event and social media. In 2018, OW2 will deploy it's 'OW2 Process', a combination of these services into an integrated approach to add value to open source projects.

About OW2

At OW2, our job is to promote the development of open-source software for complex information systems: middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms, IoT, etc. We are supported by a vibrant open source community and business ecosystem. In 2017, OW2 celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are proud to be the leading open-source software organization in Europe. We help build healthy and sustainable open source projects that reach their markets. OW2 hosts some one hundred technology Projects, including ASM, Bonita, Chameleon, CLIF, DocDoku, Easybeans, Emerginov, Fractal, FusionDirectory, JOnAS, JORAM, JOTM, Knowage, LemonLDAP:NG, Lutece, OCCInterface, PetalsESB, Prelude, ProActive, RocketChat, SAT4J, Spagic, Spago4Q, Talend Studio, Telosys, WebLab and XWiki. Several of these projects are combined into market-driven Initiatives (Open Source Cloudware, Security and Privacy, Futur Internet Software and Services, Big Data Initiatives) which facilitate their implementations into business solutions by systems integrators, OEMs and end-users. OW2 is also an open source dissemination partner in a number of collaborative projects, such as OCCIware, CHOReVOLUTION, STAMP and CROSSMINER. Visit www.ow2.org, follow us on Twitter @ow2.

How Individuals Can Get Involved

Individuals are welcome to apply for a free-as-in-free-bier membership to OW2.

How Projects Can Get Involved

Project leaders are welcome submit a project to OW2.

How Companies Can Get Involved

OW2 welcomes corporate and strategic organization members.