Todo - Ideas To Improve This Website

Here are a number of things I’d like to see improved or added to this site, so if you want to work on one of these areas or can suggest clean implementations, please let me know! Read the guide.

Data Structures

  • Define rigorous spec for datafields
  • Make _layouts/foundation.html programmatic reading data fields/getting field descriptors/having tooltips
  • Make _includes/foundations-toc.html programmatic for list of foundations
  • Document / improve automated datafield access
  • Simplify and validate datafield updates, especially confirming submitter is authorized for that project
  • Translation for datafield names/descriptions

UA/UX Design

  • Better lead new users (from all backgrounds) to explain concepts and where to find help on front page
  • Provide customized introduction “what is this” pages for different audiences (developer, project leader, sponsor, corporate leader, etc.)
  • Design better way to allow interaction with new users, moderated questions, pointers to SO or other forums

Themes And Styles

  • Improve _layouts/foundation.html columns not tables, tighten up display
  • Clarify data display to quantifiable/verifiable fields vs. description or opinion fields
  • Make tags/categories sensible across different document types
  • Better styles for mobile/alternate screen sizes

Everything Else

  • Add automated builds/badges (but as simple as possible)
  • Find ways to semi-automate updating quantities (like # of projects hosted)
  • Consider integration to other structured data sources (Freebase, Wikipedia, SPDX,, etc.)