Overview Brand

Website: https://eclipse.org/

Legal Name: Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Location: US

Nonprofit Status: 501C6

Licenses Used: EPL-2.0

IP/Copyright Policy: DCO

Primary Brand: Eclipse

Other Brand(s): LocationTech, PolarSys, various projects - dozens+

Brand Registered?: yes

Logo Registered?: yes

Trademark Policy: https://eclipse.org/legal/logo_guidelines.php

Brand Policy Comments: Detailed rules for using Eclipse and all associated project trademarks.

Governance Finance

Board Size: 16

Board Type: sponsor, elected

Board Listing: https://eclipse.org/org/foundation/directors.php

Description of Membership:

Bylaws Link: https://eclipse.org/org/documents/Eclipse%20BYLAWS%202011_08_15%20Final.pdf

Number of Paid Employees: 28

Funding Sources: sponsors

Approximate Budget: 6M

Budget Listing: https://eclipse.org/org/foundation/reports/annual_report.php

Sponsor Listing: http://www.eclipse.org/membership/exploreMembership.php#tab-strategic

Top Tier Sponsors: CA Technologies, CEA LIST, Ericcson AB, IBM, itemis AG, OBEO, Oracle, Redhat, Bosch, SAP

Project Hosting

Accepting New Projects?: yes

Projects Hosted: 283

Major Projects Hosted: The Eclipse Project, Eclipse Modeling Framework, BIRT, Jetty

Project Listing: http://www.eclipse.org/projects/

Project Services : Eclipse provides a wide variety of support services for projects.

About The Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse is a community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on open source software. There are over 300 open source projects in the Eclipse community, ranging from tools for software developers, geo-spatial technology, systems engineering and embedded development tools, frameworks for IoT solutions, tools for scientific research, and much more. The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that is the steward of the Eclipse community. More information is available at eclipse.org.

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