About This Site

Inspired by GitHub’s Choose A License website that provides simple and helpful guidance for choosing an open source license, I wanted to help FOSS communities take it to the next level of organization. Thus, Choose A Foundation - when your project starts growing, you need to define your governance and decide how to manage project (and contributor!) growth. Choose A Foundation is here to provide non-judgemental suggestions of the most popular FOSS Foundations that accept new projects as member projects.

This website includes:

  • Factual listings of popular FOSS Foundations that host other open source projects. Data in the Foundations listings is either sourced directly from their websites, or is provided by an official representative of the organization.
  • Explanations of common open source terms, provided by Shane or from links to the many other fine open source people who help explain our ecosystem.
  • Advice on how to approach communities (for companies), or how to approach companies (for communities), by Shane and Punderthings.

Contributing / Credits

I welcome your input! See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to submit a GitHub issue or PR. All submissions are expected to be under the Apache License 2.0.

Thanks and credit to the many fine open source projects and photographs used are in the Colophon. The Privacy Policy for this website is posted.

About Shane

Shane has been involved at the Apache Software Foundation since 1999, and serves as Director and VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding and working with all 200+ Apache projects on community management, trademarks, and branding issues.

Otherwise, Shane is: a father and husband, a friend, a geek, a Member of the ASF, a baker, a BMW driver, a punny guy, and lifelong resident within the 495 belt. Oh, and we have cats. Shane regularly blogs and speaks on open source community, governance, and branding topics.

Available for consulting and speaking engagements thru my Punderthings Consultancy: new ways of engaging with open source projects and communities.