What do you do when your open source project takes off? Go pro - define your project governance and see if joining a FOSS Foundation is right for you.

Apache Feather Logo

We want to stay independent.

The Apache Way ensures project independence from vendors, and provides core services and community mentoring.

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We want to build a sustainable ecosystem.

The Linux Foundation helps the world’s leading developers and companies to accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption.

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Software freedom is most important for us.

The Software Freedom Conservancy is a charity that helps promote, improve, develop, and defend Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects.

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Eclipse Logo

We are powered by participation, pragmatic and business friendly

The Eclipse Foundation provides a global community of individuals and organizations with a mature, scalable and commercially-focused environment for open source software collaboration and innovation.

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Maximum freedom for our own governance is important.

Software in the Public Interest manages the non-technical administrative tasks for FOSS projects so that they aren’t required to operate their own legal entity.

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We need more help deciding!

None of the above sound right? Not sure if you want to roll your own legal entity - or if you need a corp at all? Get more help here.

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